University of Nebraska Medical Center

On Rays of Time

Amy Westover


Kiln-formed glass, metal frames

Purchased in accordance with Nebraska’s 1% for Art Program.

Located on Level Two D, Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center.

On Rays of Time consists of three separate “sunbeams” made of multilayered, geometric pieces of colored cast glass and metal that angle through the space from floor to ceiling designed to embody the sunlight peeking through a window or cloud. The sun is the timepiece of our lives. We rely upon its ability to support life and provide warmth. Although the sun charts our daily time, there is a sense of the infinite within its rays. Whomever may interact with the art piece is part of this time, in this place. The sun will continue to shine through good times and hard; giving hope and comfort to our lives; always glowing with the promise of life.