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University of Nebraska Medical Center

Spring Sonata – Iris Garden

Spring Sonata - Iris Garden by Matthew Placzek in the Buffett Cancer Center.

Matthew Placzek


Metal, acrylic and LED light

Gift of Sydney Cate

Located in the restaurant on the ground level, Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center.

Matthew Placzek’s sculptures invite people to connect with the unique, restorative power of nature. Making a personal connection between his art and the viewer is essential to Placzek. Through his sculptures, he hopes to evoke an emotional reaction – whether reflective or joyful. Each intricately detailed piece offers an engaging, interactive experience, inviting viewers to approach it, feel the different textures, and examine how shadows, layers and movement are created. In Spring Sonata, each one of the monumental irises is unique. Placzek carefully depicted a variety of curved floral silhouettes joined by the wavy and curling lines of the leaves. The dancing, lit butterflies add to the movement and connect the groupings of flowers.