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University of Nebraska Medical Center

Autumn Leaves Persian Installation 

Dale Chihuly


Blown Glass

Gift of Gail and Mike Yanney and Lisa, Bill, Charlie and Mary Roskens

Located in the lobby on the ground level, Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center.

Featured in many of Dale Chihuly’s most dramatic installations, Persians are an exploration of form, shape and color. They have an ancient history, relating to the historical glass works of the Near and Far East and glass workshops of Venice. When blowing Persians, glass is transformed into swirling, irregularly shaped rondels with fascinating detail. The rondels are then mounted onto walls, windows and ceilings, fashioning different environments. The asymmetrical design of repetitive patterns creates a sophisticated and appealing grouping of color and form. Here the opulent golds, oranges and reds harken the colors of autumn, and the undulating forms are reminiscent of leaves blowing in the wind, enhancing the warm and comforting setting in front of the fireplace.