University of Nebraska Medical Center

The Waltz

Suzy Taekyung Kim


Acrylic, glitter, mica, and genuine white gold on custom wood panel

Purchased in accordance with Nebraska’s 1% for Art Program.

Located in the lobby on the ground level, Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center.

The Waltz is a multi-layered painting that facilitates a sense of healing and refuge. Spontaneous pops of color are used to convey joy and vitality. The viewer can see abstract foliage with elements of clouds and droplets set on serene blue cascading watermarks. The staccato rhythm of droplets weaves in and out of the drifting cloud movements. This is interspersed with scherzo-like explosions of blooming radiance. There are intertwined layers of paint, hills and valleys of glitter with pools of gold leaf. White gold signifies preciousness and divinity and is strategically placed throughout the work, illustrating that life is to be treasured. The dancing flowers and orchestra of vivid colors inspired by nature captures the attention of the onlooker, giving an uplifting moment of contemplation and healing.