University of Nebraska Medical Center

Mille Fiori, interior

Mille Fiori, interior, Chihuly Sanctuary.

Dale Chihuly


Blown glass

Gift of Suzanne and Walter Scott

Located on Level Four in the Chihuly Sanctuary, Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center.

Chihuly began the Mille Fiori series (Italian for a “thousand flowers”) in 2003. Combining brilliantly colored, flora-like elements, he creates spectacular gardens of glass, a manifestation of Chihuly’s lifelong fascination with nature and flowers, which was inspired by his mother’s passion for gardening.

“A lot of work I do is nature inspired or looks like it might come from nature, but I don’t look specifically at something to make it. I just sort of have a natural feeling for using glass—trying to take advantage of the color and transparency that glass offers and the ability to take this ancient material which is blown with human air, this magical material.”  —Dale Chihuly