University of Nebraska Medical Center

Orange and Yellow Hornet Sconce, Rising Sun Sconce Wall

Orange and Yellow Hornet Sconce and Rising Sun Sconce Wall, Dale Chihuly, in the Chihuly Sanctuary

Dale Chihuly


Blown glass

Gift of Suzanne and Walter Scott

Located on Level Four in the Chihuly Sanctuary, Fred & Pamela Buffett Cancer Center.

Chihuly’s Sconces are wall installations composed of blown-glass elements that are created in response to a specific environment. The exterior-lit sculptures are influenced by the chandeliers of the grand homes and palaces throughout Europe from which Chihuly derived inspiration. Chihuly’s blown-glass forms vary in color and form and frequently reference the natural world. In Chihuly’s Orange and Yellow Hornet Sconce, the elements are referred to as “hornets” due to their elongated shape, reminiscent of the insect’s spiral rear section.

Around the exterior of the Reflection Room, carefully arranged to complement the Orange and Yellow Hornet Sconce, is the Rising Sun Sconce Wall, composed of eight Sconces. Named for things found in nature, its elements include hornets, feathers, balls, and split leaves.

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