University of Nebraska Medical Center

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Howard G. Buffett Gallery

This hallway features 22 powerful photographs by Howard G. Buffett, many of which come from his 40 Chances series documenting agriculture, conservation and wildlife around the world.

Jun 30, 2022

Howard G. Buffett Gallery in the Buffett Cancer Center.

Organic Wood Benches and Planter

Matthew Placzek’s organic and nature-inspired benches and planter create a calming and reflective setting for patients, visitors and medical professionals.

Jun 29, 2022

Botanic 2

In Botanic 2 by Jennifer Steinkamp, animated flowering plants are blown by an unseen force, breaking apart inside the circular framework of the video. The animations loop forward and back, transitioning between breaking apart and coming back together.

Jun 29, 2022

Colors of the Prairie

In Colors of the Prairie, Matthew Placzek incorporates elements of nature, such as the prairie grasses of Nebraska, to create soothing works of art to help patients and their families heal physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Jun 29, 2022

The Hope Tapestry

In The Healing Tapestry and The Hope Tapestry, Mary Zicafoose ties the words hope and healing in multiple languages together through the binding of fibers, figuratively connecting individuals of all backgrounds in their aspirations and fears relating to their cancer treatment.

Jun 29, 2022

Hope tapestry by Mary Zicafoose.

Sunrise Perisan Columns

With the ceiling-hung Sunrise Persian Columns by Dale Chihuly, the blossoming shapes focus and reflect light in such a way that their open forms illuminate architectural spaces and environments.

Jun 28, 2022

Center Peace

Center Peace by Kevin Box is made of painted cast aluminum, with the “paper” unfolding into a star, its crumpled edges remind us of the chaos in the past but the center is defined by peace.

Jun 28, 2022

Autumn Leaves Persian Installation 

Persians by Dale Chihuly are blown-glass rondels in swirling, irregular shapes. Here, the opulent golds, oranges and reds harken the colors of autumn, and the undulating forms are reminiscent of leaves blowing in the wind.

Jun 28, 2022

The Waltz

The Waltz by Suzy Taekyung Kim is a multi-layered painting that facilitates a sense of healing and refuge. Spontaneous pops of color are used to convey joy and vitality.

Jun 28, 2022

Chihuly Sanctuary

The Chihuly Sanctuary is the cornerstone of the Healing arts Program at UNMC and Nebraska Medicine.  It is the culmination of Dale Chihuly’s decades of experiments in light, space and form. 

Jun 28, 2022